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gillyflowers maybe, instead of daisies...

Oh, leighm thank you so much for the lj virtual gift. You're such an absolute sweetheart. *smooch*

I have to transcribe 3 pages of handwritten weirdass...fic stuff out of my notebook, which I wrote yesterday night when I was on my way home after spending the day in the Manhattan with ignited, raelala, theredwepainted and booboosheep.

Said fic stuff could be post-A Very Supernatural Christmas. And incredibly weird and experimental, the kind of stuff I used to write more during my HP fannish times. I have no idea what this story is gonna be...it's kind of really fucking abstract at this point. Possibly a "short" story, which would be amazing.

Meanwhile today was preparations for tomorrow, which is the day in which I make paella. I'm looking forward to it. So much that I forgot to buy rice so I get to go out again tomorrow. GENIUS.

But fresh scallops and clams and shrimp! How I love seafood. I actually made monkfish tonight which was very good although I would have liked it spicier, I had to keep that in check as my family always complains about my use of spices. Pfft, whatever.

The best part of shopping was the fact that I had my ipod on and was listening to Sweeney Todd. It made ignoring the crazy crowding at the store a hell of a lot easier.
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