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The Amazing Race

Dear Nate and Jen,

This is why you shouldn't use the race to solve your relationship problems.

No Love,


In other news, FOR ONCE, I want every team in the final three to win the race. (I think only once I've really been happy with the winner, and that was Chip and Kim.)

I was so terrified that Nate and Jen were going to win the last leg (the one that counts coming in first) because and I'm sorry to say this, but it's how I feel, they are unpleasant people who may be nice in real life but under pressure and on camera, they were catty, annoying and self-important racers who were constantly harping about only THEM having the right to get first place. And Jen constantly called other women bitches. Happy fucking birthday, honey.

They made too many mistakes, completely folded under pressure and never learned to work together. Which would be a HORRIBLE winning team, so FUCK YES.

Go Nick and Don! Go Ron and Chris! Go TK and Rachael!

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