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wincon: it's like livejournal in real life...only with possibly more groping

I am so relieved that winchestercon is in October. I was real nervous about being able to make it in August. I even kind of stayed out of voting in the poll because I was all "Oooooctooooober."

I'm blowing whatever scant vacation days I have (and don't have) as there is a family reunion at the end of February in Puerto Rico and I not only want to go, I simply MUST go. My mom was gonna choke a bitch if I said no, heh.

So! I am now dragging ignited with me to WinCon. It'll be awesome. I'm still debating about travel. As it's in Boston, there's no way I'm blowing money on airfare. Not again. It was such a waste cost-wise and time-wise doing that. While I could manage a drive up there it'll be over four hours and um, I know some people are laughing their asses off at me complaining about having to drive only four hours, but um, that's a lot for me.

There is the train from NY to Boston. I think the way to make that completely awesome is to get a group of Wincon-HO! peeps all going by train so we can eke out our own traincar of SPN ramblings. Where you know, I don't have to worry about talking about diry, dirty sex.

...and those that know me, right now? Laughing their asses off, 'cause I don't let walking around in "normal" places deter me when it comes to porn.

"[Reg] that was a CHILD behind you. And you were loud."
"That's how they'll learn."

Come on, who is willing to ride the train? Hell, I'll figure out what's available with coach buses/party buses to see if there's an affordable option out there (oh god, this is where my uber-travel planning self takes over).

Oh! And for like those on my flist going, I so want to set up a big dinner party at this awesome Thai place in Boston. It's so good, I worked the restaurant into a SPN fic. Heh.

Yay, Boston! I'm also kinda giddy as I've been there before and I don't have like a super-need to be all tourist-y whatever. I can just party at the con!

And ignited is there to be the sober one who will laugh at me.

You know, some people go to WinCon to expound upon the rich Supernatural 'verse and talk of the beautiful ways to craft fic.

Me? I just like hanging with people. And like, hanging with people while with a Stef? That's my favorite thing EVER.
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