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So because I am loving on my video ipod nano, I finally got around to watching The Doctor Who Christmas special. Yes, I know that's like a month-and-a-half ago. I had some leftover issues with Ten and um, the resolution of the S3 finale.

I was surprised by how few times I rolled my eyes! Dare I say that I enjoyed it?

Also? The Torchwood second season premiere was quite good. Still cheesy and frustrating but I know what to expect now (very little in the way of good characterizations and logic) and just enjoy the ridiculous man on man loving.

I didn't care that much for the second episode but eh, we'll see where Torchwood goes. I'm not a Marsters fan myself but I thought he really brought a necessary edge to the Torchwood team. And you know. The whole fight or fuck response with Jack is AWESOME.

I'm really glad I put some distance so that I was a bit more emotionally removed. It made the viewing experience a lot more enjoyable.
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