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To be "Soulless" or Not to Be...

that is the question. One that I have to answer happily.

Angelus? Fucking yeah.

That episode?

My God. I *hated* the show, left it because it was so bad and yet that eppy almost redeemed everything I care about the show.

Those being: Angelus, Wesley, Angelus, Wesley, Angelus, and oddly enough, Connor.

Yes, thank you DB, for kindly acting like a bastard, an evil genius, all with that vindictive, killer flair that is the total Angelus package.

The Angelus and Wesley scene was one of the best acted AtS/BtVS scenes in a long time. They pressed buttons, but you can see the character growth. Angelus still remembers the Slayer (Buffy) and can get under everyone's skin in the most delicious ways and Wesley's all growed up and he can handle it...even when Angelus hits a sore spot.

Kudos to AD for his Wes that has so wonderfully developed into an anti-hero that wants to be good and had the "background" to back it up.

Angelus. Master of fuckwittery. Not just fuckwittage, it's more powerful than that, we have him attacking everyone:

Wesley - cutting him back to his "dorkier" self and reminding Wesley that he's a major screw-up.

Fred - ripping into the innocent act and flaunting the parts of her that she doesn't see as "proper" and showing active interest in her, which is interesting in comparison to

Cordelia - cuts her down to size, with the mocking and the uninterested comments, he doesn't see her as anything besides a good body, yet he was MUCH more sexually taunting and playful with Fred. He also doesn't trust her one bit and I think he's a step ahead of her, at least he thinks so. I do not believe that Angelus is interested in her at all, which IS interesting because Angelus was OBSESSED with Buffy.

Kinda makes ya think how important Cordelia really is to Angel and Angelus.

Lorne - first of all? That song? Is the Teddy Bear's Picnic. Genius! Evil! And also, he's showing Lorne what he (Angelus) wants Lorne to see...brilliant. That's how ya torture someone, ladies and gents. Brilliant.

Gunn - well, Angelus knows Gunn's emotions are his weak point. As is Fred. 'Nuff said.

If I had faith in ME, I would be expecting only the best. But I'm wary, as always.

But that was really frelling good.

More thoughts on Angelus/Angel, especially the line:

"Angel...he doesn't like to remember the good times."

A rocking good Angelus time.
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