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I was a taller girl too, once.

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glee, supernatural glee as it were

If I hadn't have worked out today, I would have felt like today was a bust despite I actually got a couple of things done today. Man.

I'm still boggling over the reaction to the little deli & grocery around the corner. You guys fucking rock. I'd buy you all a round but I can't afford to do it. :-/ So I will TWIZZLER you in the face instead. *poke poke*

It means LOVE.

Next Thursday we are having the boys again? Ya really? I need to prepare for the events. *note to self: plz to listen to AC/DC every morning from now on to get pumped up*

Actually if you commute in the wee hours of the morning and you get sleepy, setting it up so AC/DC comes on just when your ride is ending is a good idea. No way to sleep through that shit.

spn_gleeweek is now running the "Guess the Author" challenge and it is hilarious to see so many awesome damn talented writers have written stuff and then there's me. I SUCK at guessing but I'm already intrigued. Who wrote what? A MYSTERY. *wears a HMM THINKING face a la Sam Winchester in Phantom Traveler*

Ooh, Colbert Report is on now. Sweet.
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