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I was a taller girl too, once.

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why? because I'm that damn classy

On me writing voyeur!fic (mixed slash/het stuff because I need to write and it pleases my lizard brain):

ignited: dean better be naked.
ignited: i want shirtless dean.
regala_electra: in my unwritten fic?
regala_electra: no he's going to wear a jacket
regala_electra: and a parka
ignited: :-P
regala_electra: and a cape
ignited: don't toy with my cape-y emotions
regala_electra: and an ascot
regala_electra: and a monocle
regala_electra: it's going to be CLASSY sex

I'm all about classy right now.

Twenty minutes to that show where I totally only watch it for the plot, right? Awesome.
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