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no it is not weird to have a bar's phone number listed in your cell phone

*pours a forty on the ground for Stargate Atlantis*

The Stargate franchise never grabbed me. (I sorta tried! I mean, Ben Browder! One of my favorite actors ever! But it's not my thing.) However as a fellow card-carrying member of the Skiffy Sucks Club, I sympathize with y'all that got hosed by the spastic dickwads that run Sci-Fi Channel.

(Yeah they're running it...into the fucking ground.)

Right now I am not-hungover but I am definitely bleary. I wasn't able to get to sleep until around 2 a.m. which blooooows as I got up at 6 a.m. and I need seven hours of sleep or I am a total waste. Or I am an old lady. Pick your favorite! (Just don't tell me if you think I'm old as that bums me out.)

The summerlove fics are being posted now and I totally wrote one. Frankly I'm really glad I finished it as my writing as been off-kilter as of late. In fact I think I'll do some drabbles today.

I know I need to do The Doctor/Shawn for elrina753 (where she will be the ONLY person to read that, ahahahha) and last night I miiiiiight have spilled the beans about the Secret Fic Project of Doom. (I blame memphis86.) While I may try to muck around with the story this weekend, I really don't want to burn myself out doing it without being really sure of what the hell I am doing. I have lots of ideas but not a lot of er coherent storytelling. Not like my storytelling's ever coherent since my writing style is pretentious and ridiculous.

Oh hai I do have self-awareness sometimes, guys.

FYI I can never spell "pretentious" correctly which is why spellcheck is a godsend for me.

Now that you all know that about me, you guys should a) spread some love and b) drop me some prompts.

I will take the first seven prompts for a drabble 100-500 words in length. However I will only write one J2 prompt if anyone asks for RPS (as my flist is so mixed sometimes I have no idea what y'all are gonna ask of me). Fandoms I will write about are: Farscape, Psych, and Supernatural.

Prompt me, y'all. If you give me a good crack premise I can will try to deliver and visual inspiration or a series of words are always fantastic.
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