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srs question tiem about WinCon

Quick post is quick.

Poll #1261953 One Month to Go...Wincon!

Are you going to WinCon?

Hell yes!

It looks like I must travel and room with ignited and elrina753. UGH. What did I do to deserve such horrors? ;-) As I do not love driving that much (Dean if he were real would be all D: about that comment), I think we're doing the bus thing down to Baltimore. Probably staying Thursday-Sunday as I am debating about going into work the next day (I took it off just in case).

I totes want to know who is going. I'm 99% sure I'll be making a filtered post with my contact details as I am spazzy and I don't want to miss any of you guys. <3 If I can have some way of knowing where y'all are or if you have a way of contacting me, I'll be good to go.

I mean, not like I'm hard to miss.

Oh man, I can't get myself overexcited. This is probably why I'm trying not to flip out about a certain show's season four premiere tomorrow night. For lo, I shall not explode into a puddle of dazzling sparkles.
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