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RL Major Thing: Got a job. An apparently good job. In a position I can do. That isn't a dead end. Good things.

Enjoyed the 100th ep.

I'm simply getting blown away by DB. He was perfect in that final scene.

I looked at the Cordy there and was sad at the past two years, when I couldn't stand her. CC did an excellent job, she acted her ass off. And man, she looks incredible and she had a kid! As I said to nariya: !!!

Lindsey's evil plan was...lame. His evil hand was eviller than that plan.

Eve? Die. Now.

Spike is er, well, not annoying. And I wished the evil hand had been brought up by Lindsey-as-Doyle.

Main crying moment was the Hero footage. Because I wasn't spoiled for that.

Cordy's death did feel natural and wasn't a lame cop-out. CC handled the lines where she nearly gave away the truth very well.

Must go to bed soon. But not now.
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