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Jon Stewart: hater of pies

Hah, Jon Stewart totally just pointed out something that I did notice on the streets of Manhattan:

"There's this weird thing happening...it's called eye contact."


Jon says he'll miss his Bush impression the most and I think I might (for a little while) miss my "Stewart Knows Best" icon as I think I'll be retiring it for Inauguration Day. Damn I need to find a new Stewart icon. Any suggestions where I should start looking?

And then the 44th President of the United States will be sworn in. Can't quite remember his name.

I remain in a pretty darn good mood even though I am still hella sleepy. Had a busy day at work & whatnot.

NYers in Union Square responding to the election results with excessive cowbell and off-key singing:

Aaaaaand that is why I love and slightly fear Union Square. It gets CRAZYCAKES there.
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