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An Announcement (Politics)

After thinking about this for the past two days I've come to the realization that I want to continue talking about politics on my lj. I want to be able to make public posts about my thoughts regarding it, whether it's just for the lolz or if it is indeed serious business (I...doubt many of the posts will be all that serious business-y).

However because I don't want to annoy, aggravate and in any way make people feel uncomfortable by my posts, I plan on warning for politics. I will do a full lj-cut on all my entries, warn in my subject header & etc. (ETA: so you'll see a post by me and it'll only have the lj-cut that reads something like "Politics - Skip Ahead if Not Interested" or something.)

Since I've become wary about posting political musings, I think my lj has suffered for it. It's like I've been storing up all these things I've wanted to say but I didn't, not for fear of zomg teh oppressionz!!!111 or because I'm (likely) to annoy at least one person, but because I didn't want to be hassled into having to Explain Myself. That's a terrible reason to avoid the growing interest I have had in the political landscape over the past year.

So. I'll be making these posts. Never feel that you are obligated to read them. I decided to post them publicly due to my own issues with splintering up my lj entries as of late. I'm become really uncomfortable talking about my family/private life and I can barely post things under a flock about what's actually happening as I really hate getting into personal drama. The fic drought continues (it will be killed, I swear) and I honestly think the only reason y'all stick around is for the fic & fannish content so I apologize for sucking, you guys. And well, I want to feel like I'm adding some content to my livejournal with public posts that reflect my current interests at the moment.

Again, every post I make will be lj-cut. I hope that you guys won't think I'm an asshole for posting about politics. I can't help it. I'm really interested again and if I get all these thoughts out maybe I'll be able to focus on the fun stuff.
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