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I was a taller girl too, once.

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Cooking is serious business.

Sometimes I love a good food fight. As in a fight over food. Over a food's right to exist is even better.

And thus, I bring you POLL.

Poll #1319540 Cake is Not an Option:

You may choose only one:

Dessert taco
Chad Michael Murray

By "dessert taco" I mean any taco that has a sweet instead of savory filling and the tortilla has been probably changed in some way to have a sweeter taste (usually by sugar or cinnamon).

By "Chad Michael Murray" I mean a WB "star" who leaves Mysterious Orange Stains of Mysterious Unknown Origins all around your house and who plans to perform a traveling production Angels in America using finger puppets thereby guaranteeing he is the lead character in every scene of that incredible play.
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