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My baby don't mess around...

because she loves me so and this I know for...

Wait, that song's been out forever? And it's lame to be singing it? It it's lame, I don't wanna be cool, home slice.

I laugh and laugh at the promo pics for A:tS ep 14. And then I chuckle some more, and giggle in terror.

I never knew you could giggle in terror, but you can.

Work is going pretty well. I have tentatively noted to my boss that I'd be able to work full-time over the summer and she was like, "great!"

So, yay! I have potentially lined up a summer (with potential to be permanent) job for myself. It's only been a few days, but I'm really liking my co-workers. I enjoy working in a law office. I don't know why, it's just something I feel I can do and do well. I've even gotten much better at answering the phones, last summer when I was doing temp work I was the suckiest telephone receptionist that ever sucked.

My previous job at the research company was just so much more stressful and the pay wasn't really that great. Plus, I was working my ass off, you couldn't really relax.

Here, for now, I do feel that I'm given time to my job without stressing and hurrying. I just wish they'd train me a little more on certain tasks, if only so I'd do it right the first time.

Ooh, speaking event is starting soon.

And I must call the family and beg them to tape The O.C, SV (WHY do I still watch this crap?), American Idol (shut up, I'm an addict), and A:tS.

Although I won't be able to WATCH any of them tonight, as I have to work on my Art of Asia presentation.

Here, we say frell.

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