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Supernatural: Family Remains

-- The actual building inspector dudes who checked out the house I hope were eaten by the feral super-powered (Oh SPN) incest siblings. Because OH MY GOD. Gaping holes to mysterious below-grade level areas that are not the basement or the cellar and man-sized deep walking spaces in between walls - are you looking to have a failed building? Because that building envelope is going to fail and the non-existent insulation is going to be a pain in the ass during extreme weather.

-- And that's why the Uncle dude died. You've worked in housing and didn't see anything wrong with that house? Really?

-- Super-powered feral kids who apparently eat a meat only diet cannot be overpowered by adults who (save for the pie) are far more healthy? Oooookay.

-- This episode did have some creepster moments. I gave many-a hug to my puppy after all the animal abuse.

-- Hand being licked by NOT HER DOG. OMG. OMG. CREEPY.

-- Random night vision is random. What exactly was up with that?

-- How can Sam sleep comfortably in the backseat of the Impala? I mean, if a dude's tired enough, I know he can fall asleep anywhere, but damn, that's mighty uncomfy.

-- The ending with the family was so a pointed look at where Sam and Dean are right now. It probably was heavy-handed but I sort of liked it.

-- The revelation in the tag scene however was a world of duh. Dean, my love, you were in Hell. Where humans turn into DEMONS. Eventually you had to start tip-tapping down that twisty road--and you'd like it. That's how you go from human to monster.

-- Next up? Dean confesses more angsty unsolvable revelations...this time under a viaduct.

While this episode was not a favorite, I was fine for it being a one-shot and in no way did it get close to my most disliked episode (Roadkill) on the scale of episodes that I can't stand to rewatch.

I can actually rewatch this episode. Probably at night to get appropriately freaked out. Watching this on my iPod during my commute, er, I don't think that would be all that fun.

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