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Can you knight me?

I just had time to watch The Colbert Report's episode last night with Paul McCartney.

It was so good I nearly jizzed in my pants. EPIC AWESOME. Stephen singing to Paul! Singing together! *crygasms*

Tonight are there any shows on? Or it is just Show? Maybe I'll consider tuning in.

From Cracked.com: 20 Baffling Foreign Movie Posters

This makes perfect sense to me.

Now that I have your attention, to the more House-fannish people on my flist, is there a good resource website for House information?

I know some fandoms have wikis (What up, Supernatural Wiki! *fist bumps*). The new TwoP website hurts my soul (and yet I do go there to read up on the few reality TV shows I watch. Why can't I give it up?) and while I don't mind Sara M.'s recaps, it sucks having to go throw all those episodes if I need to find a quick answer/solution while working on my House AU fic. I mean, I have almost all the eps and I do watch them regularly (I love you, USA Network, please keep on giving me Psych, <3), but a good resource website is invaluable.
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