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A Girl's One True Fandom Never Dies

Cool thing happening this Sunday:


In celebration of Farscape's ten year anniversary (TEN YEARS? WTF I feel old. Plz to ignore I was a teenager during much of Farscape's run), this community will be watching the show every Sunday, episode-by-episode. It's also a great way if you've never seen the show, to catch on. There'll be a spoiler free (aww) thread for newbies and then a thread for those of us who know what happens at the end of the tunnel. :D

Farscape will always be my boo. <3 Honestly had I not found Dean Winchester to have a John Crichton-esque attitude, I probably wouldn't have become so hooked to Supernatural during that infamous weekend in 2006 where I finally gave in and fell for SPN.

So. Go check out the community. I need to dip into the warm waters of nostalgia.
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