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fact: time travel solves everything

I'm going hooooooome this weekend. And I may get to see my Sister K tonight which is a rare, rare thing. There's a lot of packing up I need to do of the clothing-variety (some hard decisions need to be made about what I should keep and what I should donate) and I have to go to the mall to pay off a bill (oh NY & Company and your cracktastic sales) so why not do a bit of mall-shopping (as in, looking at stuff and sighing over how much I WANT it but no I'll be a Responsible Person and not blow it all on shoes)?


I'm in a good mood because of several things. Quick list: getting paid yesterday, finding out my IRS check finally came in, going to the gym for a proper workout last night, and indulging in a delicious whole wheat bagel this morning.

Oh whole wheat bagel. I know I shouldn't eat thee but you sustain me through the freezing morning hours at my office.

Anyway that IRS check coming in means I am not DYING of regret that I paid off my plane ticket to Denver using money from my savings account. Now it'll be covered and as long as I'm not a total ass, I will buckle down on bad purchasing decisions. Fortunately I don't drink coffee so Starbucks cannot tempt me but I LOVE me some frozen yogurt. I'll definitely have to ignore in favor of having the freedom to Buy Things for October's WinCon.

Awesome morning read: A Series of Emails from the Cyberdyne's New Tech Guy.
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