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the life and times of an askars pimp sometimes involves fondue

Alton Brown's recipe for fondue continues to be a success as proved by my awesome lazy Sunday with my dear nariya as we vegged on the delight that is melted cheese with alcohol. I do believe om nom nom should be mentioned at this point.

I've again marathoned quite a bit of True Blood S2 with my Nar and I am totally okay with that. I am also okay with (and slightly guilty of) the post-fondue dessert of delectable cupcakes from Michael London's Burgers and Cupcakes establishment. Yes, that is actually the name.

The cupcakes are pretty damn tasty. I tried the chocolate and peanut butter frosted marble (chocolate & vanilla) cupcake and the red velvet. The red velvet was tastier but I think I've gained a fondness for the mindfuck that is that sweet dark red having that chocolate finish on the tongue.

And now I wait to see the latest True Blood episode.

My life is a hard one.

(Still have to write 2 more drabbles; shall be doing that tomorrow. I'm certainly inspired for the Godric/Eric one, have to delve into Star Trek a bit more to pull off the Kirk/McCoy drabble.)
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