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he's coming, he's coming, he's coming

Tomorrow, #luciferiscoming. Twitter to your heart's content. I shall be twittering it. Publicly, no less.

Sue me if I go too fast
but the sons of Winchester
wish he was their dad

Yeah I had to resist filking the George Washington rap but that's pretty much what's been in my head because it is a strange place.

in non OMGSQUEE SPN news, I am kind of liking this season of Top Chef. What's that all about?

Will have to watch Glee tomorrow as I watched Obama's speech instead. So that's another thing to look forward to. Yay, Glee.

I still have no idea what my official Fall TV watching schedule will be beyond SPN on Thursday. I should work on figuring that out so I won't be playing eternal catch up on the weekends.

(Pssst.: #luciferiscoming. And he expects you to be in your evil Sunday best.

FYI I plan on opening a Bed & Breakfast with Lucifer. It will be located in Murderville, USA.)
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