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I was a taller girl too, once.

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my god it's full of stars.

I love weekends where I got to have hot chocolate (in the morning!) and Indian food and I get to rewatch SPN's Abandon All Hope (as elrina753 hadn't seen it yet) with a follow up of The Real Ghostbusters and then we finished off the day with Star Trek (fuckton of OH SNAP MOMENTS = best reboot EVER) and my FAVORITE episode of Farscape ever.

Can you guess my favorite episode ever? :D

Now we're finishing off the night with House in the episode where the Mayor of Gotham has a Secret and his son is having the best multiple diseases ever. I don't spoil what it is since it's still airing on Bravo.

Advice of the day: don't google for things that make you need brain bleach.
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