I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

haters gonna hat (aka Tom Hardy: I hate your hat)

This is a story about hats. Actually no. It's a series of photos and me voicing my concerns about hiding your hotness under a hat.

Or it's a Tom Hardy Picspam post.

Deal with it.

Edward Thomas Pimpington Hardy. We need to have a talk. Look at this picture. Now look at yourself in a mirror. Now take a picture of yourself looking into that mirror.

You are a good looking man. But I hate it when you wear hats.

Seriously. Why are you doing this?

Don't try to do-rag yourself out of this situation, sir.

I've posted this picture before but, okay, let me tell you a story: when ignited wanted to make me recoil in horror, she'd remind me of and/or link me to Jensen's awful twink cowboy photos of horror. I cannot deal with them. So, here I am, years later, eyes all a-glow with Inception love and I'm all 'lol brb googling hardy' and then I find THIS.

It hurts me. That's why I keep looking at it, of course.

Little known fact: there is a hat in this photo.

There's also a hat here.

Fine, maybe it was a bad hair day. But don't be hiding that hotness under a hat, yo.

If Tom Hardy goes without taking a picture of himself every 30 minutes, God kills a kitten.

Okay, it's a hoodie but...this fucking picture.


Because I'm never getting over this picture.

There are so many more photos of Tom Hardy headgear but I haven't uploaded them all to photobucket because I'm lazy so let us just bask in these few.

Next time: Tom Hardy, A Man, A Barely There T-Shirt, and a Mission.
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