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Laying out all the cards on the table

Finals week. 4 papers due. Two on Thursday, the rest the week after that.

My anthropology class - a 7-10 pg. research paper about Frida Kahlo. I still need 2 more sources. Oh, and I'll have a take-home test that'll be handed in the next week.

Art of Asia - a paper planning out a gallery exhibition, on any period in Asian art, including bibliograhpy with at least 3 sources. I haven't started this one at all. Fuck.

English Renaissance - a 5 pg. paper about Shakespeare's sonnets and how it broke away or commented on the sonnet tradition. I have a thesis and I just need to start finding text to work with.

Contemporary Poetry - a 10 pg. paper discussing two books we've read in class and I have NO idea what I'm going to say. And I can't write about my favorite book of poems because that work is completely and utterly different from all of the other books, so I wouldn't have a lot to say.


But all of my art critiques are finished for my Philosophy and Criticism of Art class, so that's all done. Er, yay to that.

I need to do a poll about the fics I'm working on. I have a B/A/S in handwritten notes somewhere, scribblings of an O.C. fic, my F/W gathering dust on disk (which I reread last night and oh, there's a plot a-brewing and I'm REALLY going to like writing that one), and more DVD-style commentary for Betrayer (Part 4 is almost finished...finally!).

I'll be asking everyone else to make up my mind for me.

So, a lot of stuff going on. My job may last over the summer, thank the gods. Cross your fingers for me.

I'm going to be president of the English Club AND the English Honor Society next year. Because they're kinda the same thing. But that doesn't matter. Still, yeah.

I've had thoughts about my original work. I think I'm just not ready to sit down and write The Novel. I wonder if I can manage to write some nice short stories. I went into a poetry mode for a couple of months, but it seems to be over.

And I hate my poetry. No, it's not sappy romantic stuff, it's not soooo 'personal' that I can't share it, but I intend it to be dark and funny and most people take it as literal.

There's other things going on, but I don't quite know what to say about them. Maybe later.
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