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No, seriously, *I've* got astringent in my eye

So I missed the last day of my first class because I got astringent in my eye. Which, btw, *ow!*

I had my makeup on and contacts in and everything, I was ready. to. go.

Instead, I had to spend time clearing out my eye to stop it from burning. I do not want to lose any more vision, thank you very much, oh spiteful fates. I can't wait until I'm old enough to get all lazer-ed up. From consulation with my eye doctor, he's advised I should wait until I'm around 25 so that I'm fully grown (heh, I'm nearly six feet in height. I'm pretty much done growing). Oh and my eye doc? He's my uncle, which means I get discounts on glasses/contacts/frames, which is very awesome. Hence the reason for my sexy Armani frames, that I don't wear except at night, because, I now wear contacts. But, oh to be free to see without help. Oh yeah, 20/20 vision's where it's at.

I didn't mean for that wistful ode to vision. I think it must be because of the fucking pain of having astringent burning my motherfucking eye.

While I was washing out my poor eye, my mom walks in the bathroom and says, "oh, you better take out your contact." Yeah, no shit. So I say, "ow" because I wasn't in a talkative mood. My mom then says she needs to use the bathroom, and oh, if she doesn't get in there THIS VERY MOMENT, she'll be late to work, and then, the universe will collapse and it'll be ALL MY FAULT.

Naturally I left the bathroom, still attempting to clean out my eye, while holding my contact in the palm of my hand, with contact cleanser pooling in my palm.

So yeah, missed class.

I then get into my Mexico class, ready for a short presentation on my paper about Frida Kahlo. Had to stand up in front of everybody and I decided to do it first. It went well. I, you know, prepared.

Everyone else? Well, including me, about 7 people spoke. We only did about 5 minutes each. Only 5 of us were clearly prepared and had clearly *researched* and had not pulled things out of our asses.

Now, this class is about 25 people total. Why didn't anyone else speak? Well, those bitches (I'm including men, btw), pretty much admitted they weren't ready or hadn't done any research on the topics they chose.

This paper is due on Thursday.

One fucker actually said to the prof, "No [I'm not going to a presentation], I'll just sit here and listen to others."


The professor's a really nice person, so she didn't get angry, and let us go early, since no one else was willing to go. And here's where I go *stabstabstab*

Because? A lot of these topics weren't discussed in class because they were to be researched by a student. Like Dia de los Muertos. Which I fucking wanted to hear about. And that fucker I just mentioned? That was her topic. And she clearly hasn't done anything to research (we need 5 sources at least for our pappers) and is probably just going to write a shitty paper about her personal idea of what it's all about.


I'm finally realizing why I do okay/good in classes. I actually do the fucking work. I sit down and think about it. I try to write it in my own words.

And it's not hard! It's not! I swear! I write everything last-minute! WHYYYYY do people suck! Nicole Simpson can't rap! Rick James is a habitual line crosser! Michael Jackson''s fucking crazy! Bush claims he hasn't ever made a mistake! WHY is this happening! I want answers!!!

Dammit, this astringent's made me crazy. And it was never intended to clear out vision. Damn you, Sea Breeze.
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