I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

a meme in lieu of ramblings about drag queens

I am sad about last night's outster on RuPaul's Drag Race, although it was sort of deserved. Dammit.

Doing this meme because it's my lj and I'll do what I want.

Give me a single character -- in a fandom I write in -- and I will give you my:

+ OTP for them.
+ Runner-up pairing.
+ Honorable mention(s).
+ Crack pairing(s).
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't. (alternately: ship I like that everyone else seems to hate)

I like putting memes up on my lj because y'all never seem to bother actually challenging me.
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