I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

let me love you down, flist

What I did this weekend:

- Saw Starship with Stef on Saturday where I learned that teenage fangirls terrify me. The show was very entertaining and there was a fantastic Stand and Deliver joke that apparently only I got as Stef punched me to make me stop laughing.

- Walked across the Flatiron district to Chelsea to purchase delicious cupcakes. Beautiful day.

- Headed to the lovely abode of drvsilla where I totally ruined Eagle fandom simply by existing. A fine Viking-sized mug of lemonade was enjoyed, eventual wanderings towards Shake Shack later in the evening occurred, and I marveled over a particularly lovely curved window.

- Catching the M-60 at 125th St is always entertaining.

- Despite the fact that I was sure that I got decent sleep, I awoke slightly zombified on Sunday, at my most sluggish in an attempt to get ready. At one point I thought I lost my birth control and I flipped out for a while and found it in time to catch a train that got me into Brooklyn on time. That's always a shock.

- Met up with fourfreedoms for a delightful brunch wherein I had a delicious bellini and my first ever taste of a croque madame (I have dined on the mr. just never tried it with an egg). I liked it which is amazing because the only time I've liked runny egg is the quail egg served with spicy duck meatballs at Perilla.

- We walked all over. All of the places. Made our way to the flea market where fourfreedoms picked up a functional old-fashioned Kodak camera and i got a lovely necklace that reminded me of a former beloved necklace I stupidly broke.

- Is there anything more perfect that walking along a waterway? If there is, don't tell me.

- I have finally been introduced to Due South. Oh my god, 90s TV, let me hold you. Only 3 episodes into S3 and will continue to watch. My god, the hoyay, it is fabulous.

Today I woke up sunburned. Brilliant move on my part.

At work, I have tasted a Persian raisin at the insistence of a client, have dog wrangled my boss's dog for a bit (not that I mind, he is adorable), and have learned that my company gets special lunch ordering rights and thank god, I do not want our clients going hungry.

How can I cheer you up on this fine day?
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