I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

i-i-i went to telekinesis (only in my dreams)

Yesterday: Electric Six.

Good (the banter between songs was hilarious), but strange crowd. Bro-y and dorky (not nerdy, just...dorks) and some middle-aged dudes reliving their frat years. Very odd. At one point a sad attempt at a mosh pit occurred and me and fourfreedoms were glad that we weren't trampled but oh man, just a bit too close for comfort.

We were also stuck behind a strange dude who kept moving back despite having a frikkin' five foot perimeter around him. Dude. Stop it. Also his dancing was on par with the keyboardist from Love Language (aka: French). May they never meet and then breed an army of terrible dancers.

We got out a bit after midnight only to have the worst train luck ever. When we got on the N, I realized it wasn't running to Queens, which meant I had to take the N to Times Square, get on the 7, to get back on the N which was running as a shuttle. Which meant I spent a good 15 minutes at Queensboro Plaza waiting for the fucking train to move. Over an hour and a half to go from Brooklyn to Queens.

Not cool.

TONIGHT: Telekinesis and Portugal. The Man. We will be those assholes only there for the opening act (sort of). But omg Telekinesis. You were my FAVORITE concert this year. I hope you are enjoyable again. ♥

There will be more train fuckery tonight so I might have to leave before the N turns into a lying train of false hopes.

My bag is not packed for the weekend and I better do that since I need to haul out of my apartment by 8:30am for a trip back to the family and multiple appointments. *eyetwitch* I am going to be a walking corpse tomorrow.

Oh and uh, I got tickets to see Darren Criss's solo show at Irving Plaza on the 15th and I am kinda scared you guys. His teenage fans are fucking screamers. But I love his music. Oy. I don't have a clue how it'll go but I'm still dazed that I managed to buy the tickets during the noon presale. They sold out in like 5 minutes. Then the general audience sold out in 5 minutes at 4pm. It's a venue that holds like a thousand people. Holy crap.
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