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A-Z and there is me

So why I haven't I been posting? Been meaning to. I've also meant to write stuff. That isn't happening. Shiny new original fic idea is buzzing around in my head. A tale of a girl, and her father, and a long history that stretches beyond recorded time. Of evil and good, humanity and demons. Of destiny. Of books and mythology, fables and legends. Of truth. A tale about a girl that doesn't get the guy, who saves herself in time (and does it in a such a manner that mocks several 'herione defeats bad guy' cliches), and manages to eke out a strained but workable relationship with her estranged and strange father, whose tendency to dress as if he is a jaunty bootlegger from the Prohibition era is excused as he is a mild-mannered professor at a small, liberal school, located in upstate NY, so it's okay if he's several decades too late fashion-wise.

Yeah, that's why many fic ideas simply aren't being completed. *Sighs*

A-Z Meme

A - Act your age? I act old, but I'm extremely immature. Like, I can play with my little sis, the Cuppy, and I have a great time. Othertimes, I'm sitting on my porch yelling at kids to stay off the damn lawn. But I'm 21, and I'm not wild, nor am I wise-beyond-my-years. I'm in the middle and at the extreme end of maturity.

B - Breast size? *chuckles* 36D

C - Chore you hate? Fucking vacuuming. Satan created it, I swear.

D - Dad's name? Vincent, he answers to Vinny, Vincente, and get annoyed when I call him Vincenzo.

E - Essential make up item? Maybeline Great Lash Very Black with the curved brush. Seriously, I do not go out without it.

F - Favorite singer? Evah? In the entire world? Billie Holiday

G - Gold or silver? Silver, without a question. I do not like gold at all. I wear a silver cross (yeah, I'm basically nonreligious, so you may laugh, but I *adore* my Celtic Cross, a 21st b-day present) and silver rings.

H - Hometown? Ticky tack homes. Middle of Long Island. Infamous town. No, not that one. The other one. Spread out surburbia created in the '50s.

I - Instruments you play? Nada. When I was little I wanted to play the oboe. I was kinda weird. I messed about on the piano when I was younger too.

J - Job title? Receptionist

K - Kids? HA HA HA!!! The Cuppy's a kid, but ain't my kid. That's the only kid I hang out with.

L - Living arrangements? *Sigh* Still at home. Hoping, desperately hoping, to move out by next year. Anyone want to adopt me?

M - Mom's name? El Diablo. Oh, seriously? Well then. It's Kim.

N - Number of people you've fallen in love with? 0.

O - Overnight hospital stays? 0

P - Phobia? An endless, ceaseless high-pitched noise that never, ever ends. I'm pretty much fine with everything else. I hate clowns, but I'm not scared of them, and heights don't faze me, and yeah, noise. That's pretty much it.

Q - Quote you like? Obviously the 'quote of the moment' on the sidebar of my lj. There are too many to name.
"But why is the rum gone?" is great to break up a moment of frustration, because it just doesn't make any sense.
I'll mutter "crackers don't matter," and get weird looks, declare that "God is in the hot tub" whenever reality show participants start blathering about how 'God's' helping them win money while they stuff down pig entrails, or whatever-the-case-may-be, love, love, love Ferris Bueller's "I don't believe in 'isms,'" and I of course love, "'Do you have anything to declare?' 'Only my brilliance.'" as my go-to Oscar Wilde quote (which I remember from Kids in the Hall).
And one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes is "She sat like Patience on a monument, smiling at grief" (forgive me for screwing that one up, if I have).
Favorite 'poem' quote is "Look! Those are the pearls that were his eyes!" from Eliot's The Waste Land, which was taken from Shakespeare's The Tempest.

R - Religious affiliation? Baptized, and therefore, lapsed, Catholic.

S - Siblings? 2 sisters, K and the Cuppy. Though it should be Kuppy because her name is a K too.

T - Time you wake up? 7 AM.

U - Underwear of choice? Victoria Secret's cotton panties. Sexxy huh? I have no shame. ;-)

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? A.S.P.A.R.A.G.U.S. Satan's food. Hideous stuff. I eat pretty much everything else. I swear, the cashiers at my supermarket must think I'm a vegetarian, that's all I buy there.

W - Worst habit? Being a wiseass when I'm in an argument, which just leads to pissing the other person off more and being too distant, which leads to oh-so fun depression. I'm not counting procrastination, because frankly, it's a huge part of me.

X - X-rays you've had? I had one when I broke my arm.

Y - Yummy foods you make? Let's see. My Famous Citrus Chicken. Spanokopita. Pasteles (but these are definately a Group Project, considering my family makes about 100-120 per batch). Spinach and Mushroom stuffed chicken breasts in a wine sauce. Szechuan Chicken (with cashews, carrots, peppers, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms). Stuffed mushrooms with grated parm. cheese, tomatoes, and sherry. Homemade pizza with sundried tomatoes, chicken, mushrooms, brocoli and ricotta. Grilled Mahi Mahi in a honey-lime-ginger sauce. Vodka Cream Pasta. Homemade semi-healthy (gasp!) chocolate chip cookies. Ricotta ice cream. Macerated Strawberries. 'Asian' Green Beans (in a garlic-sesame oil-soy sauce). Sopa del Albondigas. Platanos. My famous tasty salads in fresh vinegarettes. Warm fingerling Potato and Arugala salad. Garden-Style Baked Chicken. Kung Pao Shrimp. Spinach and Ricotta Tart. Brown sugar-glazed carrots. Tomato salad and baked ricotta cheese. Potato, spinach, and leek gratin. Cheddar Cheese Soup. Mushroom Bisque. Pancetta and Shiitake stuffed mushrooms. Pastitsio. Chicken with chipotle cream on tortilla chips. Chicken with rice (en espanol, arroz con pollo).

D'ya wanna come over to eat at my house yet? ;-)

Z - Zodiac Sign? Aquarius on the Cusp of Pices.

*pokes self*

Yep, still alive. For the moment.
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