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Bitch don't be playing with my radio.

I'm still annoyed by my rush hour drive home. (Which only takes 40 minutes, but whatever.)

Why am I annoyed? Easy.

Spanish radio. Now we have three flipping stations of nothing but spanish music. Which should be great. And while I'm still pissed that Mega took over 92.7 (which was LIRR, a totally 80s music station, yo) because it now occupies two spots on my radio (I'm petty), I love me some merengue and salsa.

And I was in a mood for some dancing musica.

And YET.

There was NO damn music played. ARRRRRGGHHHH. On both of the spanish music stations that I have programed in my favorites, nothing but talk talk talk. Only the commmercials had any hope of music. And I couldn't pretend to get into a song about Coronas.

The third? Is just romantic spanish tunes. Ayyyyy, you can only take so much dramatic singing about tuuuuuuu cooooooorrrrrrrraaaaaaaaazzzzzzooooooonnnnnnnn.

So I kept on hoping. Just one merengue or salsa song. One upbeat, fast, and kickass song to hear. I NEEDED it.


Just talking heads blathering on and you can only take so much Spanish interspliced with English before you too start cursing (in Spanish) at the radio to play some merengue o salsa, pendejos!

And then, I realized that I lost my mind over the radio.

I'm going to play my salsa mix. Maybe that'll take away the crazy.
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