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It's not that the fic is dead, you see. It's that once again, Angel doesn't want to talk.

Oh, he'll stand there and brood. Maybe glower. Sometimes he sits and smokes a bit. And I need to write a 'Faith and Angel talk and plot' scene, but poor Faith is stuck doing all the talking. And smoking.

Damn you Angel! Talk!

Meanwhile I've been writing around the problem and working on a couple of other parts (Faith/Illyria...mmm), but knowing myself, I need to do this in a linear fashion, otherwise I'll just never get it done. This weekend man. Gotta do it then.

And er...ImayhavestartedreadingHPfic.

Sirius/Remus, yo. My only OTP in the HP-verse. And at the same time, I feel weird about reading fanfic for HP. I've sorta have this rule about not reading fic based on literature. I'm weird.

But I've logicked (which you can do! I don't care if it's not really a word) around that problem by saying, "Well, S/R isn't going to be explored any farther and..."

You know the "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" commerical jingle?

Well in my head, it's "What would you do-oo-ooh for a O.T.P.?"

Mmm. Sirius/Remus.
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