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updating on slacking

I tried finishing my writercon report.

And then my hand fell off. I am now typing with a hook. Arrrrr.

So, I'll try and finish it tomorrow. It'll be full of blank spaces and moments where I go, "I honestly can't remember anything."

This is why I don't drink. My memory will get even worse.

Also, I need to work on my Wes/Faith ficathon. netweight helped me because she is a muse, don't ya know? Well, she is. So, she cleared up a little detail I was working on, and yes, I will be getting to TEH p0rn. Mmmm.

I also want to work on Go Out Swinging. The next chapter will be Angel/Spike, dammit, with more Faith/Illyria flirtation.

Ooh, and some NC 17 Sirius/Remus smut. Mmmm. Yes.

Many things to do and little time to do it. No striking and reversing of that, sadly.
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