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because...there is a world

I don't think I'll ever become addicted to Queer as Folk. It just doesn't quite stay with me.

My god, boykissing is boring me. I may have to be set on fire for I am clearly a dead, dead corpse a la zombified.

And I haven't written anything today because work stole my soul and gahhh, I am a TWENTY-ONE year old receptionist and not a fucking paralegal, so WHY am I expected to know how to basically write up a fucking motion?

Grr I say and brainssssss.

Actually, I did write something. I'm a liar. On fire. And a zombie...er, on flambee?

...there is a world
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: OotP
Author's Notes: Feedback encourages me to write naughty, naughty things.


There is a world where they are so bloody happy it makes his teeth ache, squeaking like he's bitten into too many pieces of ice mice. When he kisses Remus, he doesn't taste sugar because nothing is that saccharine and it is a mercy.

When he takes Remus' long, tapered fingers into his own, they are old and there is grey, but there are laugh lines drawn into both their faces.


There is a world where they destroyed each other from the inside and when it came time to choose secret keeper, they were so empty that James and Lily went only to Dumbledore. In that world, the rat died long ago. In that world, Sirius turns back to human form while the moon is still vibrant in the sky.

And as his throat is torn apart, he knows he will not die and Remus stumbles in his bloody grasp, perhaps knowing what doom awaits.


There is a world that would be perfect if they remembered that they once loved each other.


There is a world where everything has happened and he bears no record of it. No scars or tattoos, or hair too grey for his age. There are no eyes washed out because of nights spent keeping memories from ripping him apart till the very whites of his eyes turned dark with the nightmares.

In that world, he is dead and he cannot go back. His fingers reach out to the colorless wisps, like the softest of fabrics, an invisible barrier expertly sewn together and he screams and screams into the silence.

And Remus stares at him and sees nothing and there is another world where it is not so.


There is another world where it is not so.

He doesn't believe that world exists.

The End

Tags: fic, hp fic, remus/sirus
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