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Wow, The Olympics Are King Wank

So I've always formed the theory that sports are just a more male-oriented form of fandom.

Today pretty much sealed it. Wow. The guy who complains about his high bar routine pulls a Svetlana and screws his up.

Alexei gets fucked over by the judges with an amazing routine and one flaw.

Paul can't go ahead because the crowd is nuts and when Alexei's score is fixed, he still can't go, and Alexei has to go OUT there to try to quiet them.

And Paul does a great routine and bumps Alexei out of a medal. Holee Fuuuuuuck.

The shit she is hit.

Paul takes home a silver and man, this is so not how he imagined winning his medals.

Olympics, I crown thee with the gold in wank, but be you not bitches about the judging, HP will get the gold when the tapes are reviewed.
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