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A year away and popping in for a moment

Will any social media site ever be user friendly or nah?

Also, it's a year later and what haven't I done?

- I've seen Hamilton 3 times so far, once off-Broadway and twice on Broadway. I saw the Saturday matinee with President Obama (!!!) which was a hell of a thing to experience. I'm seeing it again on my birthday in February! I keep losing the lottery because I have anti-luck.

- I saw Hedwig an embarrassing amount of times. "How many times?" No.

- I spent too much money trying out various flavors of Schmackary's cookies. But one of those cookies is an excellent indulgent breakfast, y'all.

- My sister got married in June so I spent a whirlwind weekend in San Antonio for a wedding that fortunately was not a shotgun wedding, but was hilariously fail-y for a variety of reasons best not discussed in a public post.

- I saw one of Stephen Colbert's test tapings and I'm so glad to have him back on TV.

- I didn't post to lj at all in over a year but hey my instagram's public? :D?

I'm well. I picked up an expensive Broadway habit but I'm doing okay.

I'm seeing the wondrous Lupita in October!

If you're reading this and want to leave a comment, I will actually respond. Be well. <3
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i named you after the bravest man i ever knew. i gave you no name. men are weak.

If you want to know how bad the "red pill"/MRA bullshit has gotten, I just saw Spoony defend Anita Sarkeesian and tweet positively in favor of SJW (Social Justice Warriors).

Spoony! Who has said super misogynistic shit, though I believe he apologized for some of it, but man, maybe the reason the gamer community is behaving like utter shitbags is because they know their Age of Douchebaggery is collapsing.

Personally I've always seen Social Justice Warrior used as a pejorative term in a female-oriented fandom spaces, mainly referring to those fans that specifically use Social Justice language as a way to "win" arguments with other fans.

So like, as far as my stance on fandom and Social Justice, it DOES have a necessary place insofar as criticism and personal reactions to the media we all consume. I want to encourage people to enjoy their fandom things and also be critical (when needed) and see those conversations flourish.

But my personal understanding of Social Justice Warriors was that it meant a corrupted group (who often have formerly badly behaving fans AKA wankers in their midst) using Social Justice terms to shame people they don't like. (I've seen an awful lot of bullies and doxxers take up with Social Justice causes.)

But now that the term SJW is becoming mainstream and thanks to the MRA bullshit, what with their lovely stalking and death threats, it looks like Social Justice Warrior is now evolving as a positive stance to take. Which I'm not like, against, words do change, and hell it's better to see people going "hey no, our community has problems, and it is disgusting to attack a woman for having an opinion."

I'm more a bystander as far as things go, especially as of late. I'm too tired to fandom properly. But it is shocking/refreshing to see people go, "hey wait, this thing that has always been a little fucking weird is maybe not good at all and maybe we should thing about fixing it." I don't know what SHOULD be done, after all I'm just a cranky fanperson, but hey, I'm all for making men grow the fuck up as far as their treatment of women.

I have no good conclusion to make. This is an evolving situation. But at least it's kinda refreshing to see someone actually say to an asshole, "you're an asshole and your conversation is pointless" when they're trying to explain away their raging misogyny.
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reg lives and watches things

Gosh I go away for a short while and the lj update page gets extra hiddy.

Anyways I'm alive. I've been too busy (and far too drained) to really be much of an active presence anywhere, save for my twitter, since I can do that easier on my phone. But I tend to keep that locked down since I post about RL stuff and I continue to be a fandom dinosaur regarding privacy.

I have been doing stuff tho! Like, life things, I guess. Nothing particularly noteworthy, some family stuff, trying to be more social, that sort of thing. I saw Hedwig while it was in previews last April, which was AMAZING. I got to see the Welcome to Night Vale anniversary show earlier this month, obviously a very different energy. It's pretty hilarious how Dylan Marron became such a fan favorite, I swear he sometimes got louder applause than Cecil Baldwin. Adorable is the secret to success! (Great hair also helps.)

I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier about 3 times in the theater and came out of the movie happy that I wasted my youth watching so many terrible Chris Evans movies, because wow, what a great payoff.

(Although we need a naked side-butt shot of Evans in the Avengers 2 or Cap 3 to make me forgive the terri-bad special effects of Push.)

I mostly came of Cap 2 completely in love with Anthony Mackie and wanting Sam Wilson in every MCU movie ever. I'm preeeeetty sure everyone's seen his interview with Jimmy Fallon during the Cap 2 press tour during the movie's opening week, but if you haven't, your life is quite incomplete.

Speaking of the MCU, I think I'll give SHIELD another shot at some point this summer, I do know things get crazier towards the end of the season. I'm more excited about the Agent Carter series. The short film about Peggy Carter was super enjoyable and hopefully the show will have a decent budget to recreate post-WWII times without it looking appallingly cheap.

Orange is the New Black Season 2 is my everything. They course-corrected nicely regarding Piper's erm, Piper-ness, and while I wasn't one who DISLIKED her, I thought she was a lot more interesting in S2. I loved the new characters (yes, even Brooke!) and was glad that they spent time developing other characters, even the super dislikable ones. Except for, you know, ugh Larry, Lord of Rancid Mayo. God, I hope he leaves next season. I can't stand Jason Biggs either, almost every other actor outpaces him.

ALSO I am now (finally!) watching Orphan Black. I've heard so many good things but I was super lazy about watching the show; if it's not on Netflix I don't know what to do in this post-megaupload internet nightmare when it comes to catching up on TV shows. However, my mom's cable has on-demand and both seasons of OB are available to watch and since I'm house-sitting until Thursday morning, I'm marathoning the season like a mofo!

I've reached ep 5 of the second season and here are my thoughts!

Collapse )

Also I'm watching Penny Dreadful (as in, I'm only one ep behind) and I still don't know how I feel about the show. I can't quite recommend it but I don't know if I hate it yet either. I'm annoyed that I wasn't informed Billie Piper was in it! That's like the fastest way for me to give something a try! Saying "there is dude-on-dude" isn't the way to my heart, shockingly enough. Eva Green is quite good but then there's the rest of it.
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(no subject)


I'm still alive. Drunk on too much tv and I tend to post more at tumblr and twitter because lj's posting interface looks dumb.

Happy Valetine's!
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livejournal: live mas

Whoops let my extra userpics expire, better fill that up next chance I get.


So while I have not been posting to lj, I have been doing things and the like. I continue to enjoy the job that I do, I’m going to Disney World in a month (!!!), and while I am still in fannish things, I’m at the ebb and flow part where I have no idea where the fannish interests will take me, technically I am in a fandom because I still care about dumb things but the end is near and I feel the urge to find a new shiny thing.

I'm listening to Welcome to Night Vale. Actually I’ve found out it’s pretty neat (neat!) as a soundtrack while I’m working out and absolutely perfect for train commutes (an episode last almost as long as my morning and afternoon rides back to my apartment).

(Now if only Tumblr would stop fucking liveblogging when the eps are released so I can listen to the new episodes on the goddamn morning train ride without being spoiled.)

Tumblr is the worst but also a thing full of stuff I enjoy and good for the mutli-fannish heart. But oh, it sucks not to live-watch TV and to use tumblr WITHOUT employing a blacklist (yet I am a freak who doesn't blacklist things!), to the point where getting up at 5am to watch some stuff on Hulu seems reasonable as I won’t make it through a full day of work without getting massively spoiled.

Yep I am totally watching things! I fell in love with Elementary last Spring (I had watched the leaked pilot but wanted to “save” the series when it had built up some eps, lol good job me) and I’m really enjoying S2 as well.

I’m a bit tepid on Agents of SHIELD but they’ve got my attention for the time being. They desperately need to get some more dynamic characters to play off Couslon. (coughkillWardcough) I like Agent May A LOT. I’m holding out hope that Skye gets more interesting, although her line readings remind me of Linkara's Frank Miller Time reviews, where he starts reading bad Frank Miller comics and speaking in the over-emphasized BOLD wording Miller employs—that’s often how Skye’s line readings comes across. You’re putting the wrong emPHASis on the wrong syllABle.

Oh, Once Upon a Time is totally redeeming their bungled second season so far! I'm very please. Haven't seen the spinoff yet. My mom and sister are super into Once Upon a Time and my mom actually saw the spinoff last week and informed me that she hated it, heh, so I think I'll wait a bit before checking it out?

(Too much TV! I'm behind on Top Chef and Project Runway, my go-to reality tv show favorites.)

Also also ALSO I saw the first 3 eps of Sleepy Hollow and it's so dumb and great. I joked that Sleepy Hollow + Hannibal + Elementary is the opposite of the obnoxious superwholock phenomenon but um, it kinda feels that way? It's fun and I'm hopeful they whip out a good "according to the lore" moment.

What TV shows are you guys watching? How is everyone?
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Fic: The Best Laid Plans (Glee Fic, Kurt/Blaine, NC-17

The Hon. Rev. C. Cornelius Anderson, Esq., PdF Presents The Marrying Man. Pilot: The Best Laid Plans
Author: Regala Electra
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,629
Written For: abluegirl
Summary: No one should tell Cooper a secret. And nobody but Kurt and Blaine should plan anything.
Author’s Notes: Written for the Klaine Wedding Minibang.


Collapse )
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The 3-Oh

Oh hey it's my birthday next Saturday. I plan on doing the exciting thing of hanging out with people. Actually, it'll be nice (I hope!) as I don't mind keeping things simple this year as opposed to trying to pull off some extravaganza. Getting a blizzard this past Friday totally fucked up my original weekend plans though so I have a lot of last minute shopping and I'm going to wind up spending more money than I originally intended. Damn city prices.
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dancing on my own

I do enjoy intelligent conversations about media, especially if it makes me go, what an interesting interpretation! I never thought of it that way, so good on you for suggesting it. Even if it wasn't the intention of the creator, it's fun to think about!

I roll my eyes at people who have to obsessively research and basically pull out of their own asses deep and meaningful interpretations that never existed. But I cannot blame them. For when I did my own meaningful academic studies (aka googled a dictionary website and plugged in a word), I see that the Greek origins imply a sort of privacy, almost as if one's own ought not be conductive to share with the world at large.

Because if a word was used in Ancient times, it must be important and have a greater contextual meaning.

(Idiot. The word I looked up for its historical origin was idiot. The dictionary did not recognize dumbass, alas.)

And I was a fucking English major. Making up shit was kind of how I got through college.
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missing the good old days

In a month and a couple of days I'm turning 30. And, logging into lj, I just realized that my 10 year lj anniversary is in four days time. Sigh. Turning 30 isn't bothering me, I look GOOD for 30, and may I continue to look good for many years to come.

Having a lj for ten years and not using it kind of blows.

Remember when I was active on lj? Remember when lj was active? Those were the days. I escaped 10 years ago from a pit of some frustrating wankery to lj, promising myself that I'd totally figure out how to be awesome at this fandom thing and then 10 years later, I'm more often on tumblr (I'm on a semi-break at the moment), apologizing to old (and dear) friends for reblogging/talking about fannish things that I know they hate and biting my tongue about stupid fandom things that aren't new except people have found new words for them...and I swear guys, Joss will totally make Angel and Spike being gay 100% canon. what if we spam the Bronze board, maybe that way Joss will acknowledge our one true ship. Too bad we couldn't donate to a charity for vampire bats. And then send blood sausages to the sets. We demand to be taken seriously!

It's like 12 years since I've been active in fandom, guess what I've lost? My patience. I do like a hell of a lot of people (a shocker because I tend to be a "everyone get off my lawn" sort of person, even if I don't have a lawn) but I just wish a hell of a lot of people would just admit their goddamn biases or be like, "I am invested in things that are dumb and fun. Look at me, doing these dumb and fun things. I am enjoying myself but acknowledge this is a silly flight of fancy that might have some depth to be gained but it is also a thing that is not all that serious."

Hence why I love a good dick joke.

I totally opened up this entry to rant about something, my annoyance with THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN fandom irritants that people are so fucking shocked happened (OMG INVASION OF A CELEBRITY'S PERSONAL LIFE? WHAT GOD HAS AFFLICTED OUR FANDOM WITH SUCH A HORROR...oh my source tells me that it isn't true...OH WAIT IT IS AND HERE ARE THE PICS THAT PROVE IT. I SHALL REBLOG THEM ONLY NINE TIMES AND THEN SHAME EVERYONE WHO REBLOGS HI-RES PROOF).

Have I turned into Danny Glover? Am I now too old for this shit? Of course not, hell sometimes the most awful fans (in mean-spiritedness, in cruelty to novice fans) tend to be older fans who have long played in the fandom game and ought to know better.

Maybe I'm feeling that aimless "in-between fadom" thing which annoys me greatly as I like being fannishly engaged. But as I'm no good at being in a movie fandom, that leaves TV and the show I secretly love best, Once Upon a Time, is not going to be a fannish thing for me because I'm not up for arguing about why a villain might not always make the right decisions and why redemption isn't instantly provided on a fancy engraved card, absolving all past deeds.

Maybe I'll make fancy engraved cards for my birthday party and hand out to everyone who attends for thanking them for dealing with my asshole self.

The other issue is that I have a ton of stories I want to write for a fandom I ought to not participate in (because I'm deeply bitter the moment, it's like my darkest days of BtVS/AtS fandom, hello THIS HAS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE, how the fuck are eyou?) and my annoyance totally kills my productivity. I like writing fic, dammit, give me a positive reason to WANT to keep doing what I love.