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shoebox gathering

Heh, I accidently privated my little panic-post this morning. Basically I totally forgot about the shoebox gathering in NYC. And I went online at noon today and realized...oh, it's happening today at 12:30.

So I had to rush to get dressed and get to the train station and caught the 1:20. While calling one of the organizers and totally apologizing for being so late.

I finally got to the hotel by 2:30.

Y'all? It was awesome. I'll have a more in-depth post up tomorrow, but suffice it to say, much fun was had, much snarking was to be heard and spoken, and much loving of HP pairings occured. And PoA was played on a laptop, so yes, there was indeed great joy at the best parts.

Such as The Hug That Never Ended. Dear god, I forgot how very gay it was. Viva la hoyay.

So many truly nice and fantastic people were there. So many incriminating pictures.

Sadly, I didn't take any, but I do have a link to a group pic. For any newly friended people, I'm in the back holding the red balloon (ignited drew a Remus/Sirius porn picture on it - hawt damn).

Ooh, and I'll have to tell you all the fun of getting to the parking lot at the train station and learning that your car is dead. Luckily, my mom was driving nearby and was able to take me home and later on, my dad and I went out to jump my car so I could drive it home.

Because nothing says chaos, like well, me and my swiss-cheese brain.
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