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happy, happy hallow's eve

Happy Halloween. I am not really celebrating today, as I am cooking and cleaning and other domestic duties.

Oh, and happy birthday cantinera. Huzzah!

So, besides not yet finished with my write up about yesterday (which was really my main holiday celebration), what's up with me, you who are not reading this, may ask?

We do not mention how I should be writing stuff right now to gear up for tomorrow and next month and WHY DID I SIGN UP! OH MY GOD! I'm soooo screwed for NaNoWriMo. I don’t even have a title.

Half-watching History's Mysteries as well and yeah wow, this shit is really made up. I'm very meh on the story of the Amityville Horror, plus they totally lost any shred of believability by saying Amityville is an hour's drive from NYC.

Er, mid-Nassau County from NYC? Only an hour? Really?

Maybe at three a.m. after all of Long Island has fled during to an impending disaster would it take only a freakin' hour. Bitch please, traffic and Long Island are fucking OTP to end all OTPs.

And for the important notice to this post: I decided I will be posting my 'novel' daily (hopefully) to my lj. But because I'm nice, I'm going to lock it up. If anyone actually wants to be on my filter, comment now or never learn of the awesomeness of my original characters. There's zombies, ghosts, and monsters. And secrets and LIES!

Eh, it's okay if you don't care, hell, I'm not even quite sure how the story's really going to pan out. Let us hope for it not to suck, which is all I can ever hope to receive.
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