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I voted...who wants to touch me?

I was voter no. 100 at my polling place. Alas, I got no sticker. I weep.

Well, I weep because I'm in pain. I still have a heck of a bad cough and my voice is kinda shattered at the moment. Ugh.

And I lost my book for my late night class, I'm going to book it back home to tear apart the house, because it has to be somewhere. Dammit.

But yeah, voting. It didn't take long at all. Maybe five minutes tops, and we have the old voting machines of yore, which are really easy to operate. I got in line, signed my name and voted, making sure I hadn't screwed up and pulled the lever.

Oh democracy, you are a sexy beast.

I had arrived at 8:20, so it was probably just after the work-rush, and I'm sure it'll pick up, even though I live in NY. There was a nice bit of people there, but no insane lines like in other places.

But yeah, if you're not voting right now? Do iiiiiit.

And anyone who voted today may request a drabble and I'll happily write one.

Because I'm really not able to write anything of substance for NaNoWriMo, mostly because I did not sleep well last night. Again.

Of course, the way to ensure me getting a decent night of sleep would be for Kerry to win. I'm just saying.
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