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Ugh. Sick. Blegh.

I have a sinus infection. Okay, whatever. I'm also dizzy, have a nasty headache and I'm that nice kind of sick that should be accompanied with a pale green skin tone.


School is breaking me in half. I have so many fucking papers due this week. I hate school. School can rot in hell.

I'm also in denial by leaving my assignments until the last minute. This way, I can kill myself by stress. *Shakes head* I am an idiot.

Currently reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon. Feel like an idiot for not buying the book before he came to my school to do a lecture. I could've gotten it signed. But NO! I just go "tra la la la" and wander off into my deluded little world where I bump into famous authors all the time.

Maybe Neil Gaiman will show up next time and I'll forget my copy of American Gods. Or Coraline. Or Stardust. Or Good Omens.

Or Neverwhere. Oh wait, I don't have that one yet. Because apparently every bookstore on LI has a vendetta against me. Borders says they have it in stock, but they do not. They are liars. Troll liars. EVIL troll liars.

Must check and see if meds cause bouts of insanity.

I had all this deep and meaningful stuff to say about thebratqueen awesome post on depression, etc. But I forgot it. Oh well, it'll come back to me.

And *Hugs* to jennem, just because.
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