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There's a boy who wants to teach us to fly!

Dear Jason Isaacs:

Hullo. ;-)

I've become a bit of a fan, seeing as I've seen only one episode of The West Wing because you were in it, and you know, you're kickass at playing the villian, and you sooo had me rooting for you over crazy Mel Gibson in The Patriot, however, I do have one complaint.

It's about this little movie you did, called Peter Pan. Oh, it was very good and the special effects were lovely, that isn't the problem.

It's just. I'm not supposed to want to fuck Captain Hook. Really. I'm sure, in fact, I'm quite sure I don't want to. I'm supposed to hate him and he's supposed to be an evil villian and not the villian that deserves some sweet, hot, dirty lovin' and yet...

Dammit, just stop it. And oh my god, don't say "Wendy Darling" like that, that's just...dayyyymn.

Um, what was the point?

Oh, you're teh hotness.



Other news, other things, blah. Must write, must work, must pay more attention in my classes.
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