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cards, hatred of modern art and insane threats about annotations

I'm thinking about doing annotations (not an actual DVD-style commentary) for dreams of otherworlds because I am crazy. Also I want people to get a glimpse into my head and fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be their slave.

So did not mean to go all David Bowie in Labrynth on ya. Sorry.

Ooh, Holiday/Chirstmas/Winter Solstice/Fucking Snowday Cards anyone? Drop me a comment here or e-mail me at regala_electra at yahoo dot com

Next semester will be my last semester at school. Then I shall be all graduated and shit.

My schedule for next year:

S/T: Art of Imperial Rome: TR 09:25am-10:40am

Advanced Poetry: TR 12:15pm-01:30pm

The Art of Reubens,and Rembrandt: TR 03:05pm-04:20pm

Contemporary Art: TR 04:30pm-05:45pm

Seminar - Portraiture: W 04:15pm-06:30pm

Yes, I very nearly got to set up a TR only schedule. But in order for me to graduate with a double major in English and Art History, I needed another seminar class. Grrr.

I think I only needed two more classes in art history (including the seminar), so yeah, I'm taking all of those classes for fun. Ick. Well, the poetry class is more about learning about forms and stuff like that, so hopefully it won't be that bad and I do like the professor. I will hate Contemporary Art because I hate contemporary art. A whole lot.

And while I do like the professor, it's going to be a bit annoying going into a class where I have no idea about the style of art or the people involved in the movements because I hate morden art so very, very much.

The Imperial Rome stuff will be interesting and a good way to brush up on my classical antiquity knowledge, plus you get to sigh, look at all the mad stealing/copying the Romans did and just go, "Oh you guys..."

I mean...everyone does that right? A half-hearted sigh about the Romans' shameless, shameless stealing of another culture?

Anyone? Anyone?
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