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Happy Birthday Dawny!

dawnydiesel, it's your birthday, so happy birthday dawnydisel, oh my god, I'm gonna see you, when I fly to TX to visit y'all in January.

Why I love Dawny:

Because she is a wonderful nonshipper. That is awesome. Mostly because she is level-headed and cool, while also having a raunchy sense of humor.

She makes awesome icons.

Because even though she's a nonshipper, she's totally swept over by the awesomeness that is John/Aeryn.

The very first time I met her on the BB, I totally thought she was very cool. Going to the 'infamous' board, asking questions about shipping and being generally polite, reasonable, and did I mention awesome? That's something you just have to admire. I am proud to know her, to read all about the exploits of her adorable sons, and squee, Imma gonna meet her!

Y'all better be jellus.

*Birthday hugs for Dawny*
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