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Card Pimp and Why I named certain things thusly

Holiday cards, y'all! I've got my cards waiting to be sent to lovely folks. So if you want one? Clickity click here.

I'm doing this meme because I am an adorable, fluffy sheep that cannot spell at all today apparently.

I will not share how my mom slammed a door against my wrist twice today (er, not that hard, and it's a relatively light door, but still, ow and so can't pick up anything heavy), that Deadwood continues to be awesome, even though my dad totally spoiled me about an incredible revelation, and how many things I have due before Thanksgiving. Such things are boring.

On with the meme:

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My username is ____ because _____.
My default userpic is _____ because_____.

My journal is called "and then they made me their chief" because it's my favorite throwaway line from Pirates of the Carribbean.

Besides it being a part of Captain Jack Sparrow always involved in the action of his myth-making, of hating to reveal his true nature, it's also a reference, as revealed by the writers, to the 'Robinson Crusoe' version of Jack being stranded on the island. I love (or think fondly on) 18th century literature and that totally cracked my shit up. So it's partly a reference to my constant battle with trying to be a writer and be interesting. That too.

Oh, and my tendency to ramble just a tad. Er, sorry about the mess.

My subtitle is fables, truths, and lies from a storyteller because that is what is mostly here. Stories. Some beautiful, some dark, some dreams, and some just shameless p0rn/smut. It's the element that I do try to do with my lj, keep it interesting, even when I'm talking about relatively boring real life. (Of course, I am incredibly boring quite a bit, so there's the lies for ya.)

My friends page is called seeing rainbows through different eyes because I thought it sounded pretty. Heh. And because that's what it is - your friends/reading list is a place where people who have different experiences (some good, some great, some terrible, and some incredibly interesting) come together. And it's seeing life in someone else's eyes. Of course that's what my friends page had to be named.

My username is regala_electra because that's my chosen online name. I felt I had only one choice of an online name (for I wanted to be original and relatively singular, no chance of coming across someone with the same name) and I selected a name from my favorite original character. (Though the character, when in Teh Evol Novel, will be known as Electra.)

When I was 12, I was playing around with character names (because stories stick in my head for a long, long time), and one word I was attempting to create a name with was 'electricity.' And I thought 'Electra' sounded cool. Then, a couple of months later, when I went into my Greek/Roman myth kick (reading EVERYTHING in libraries about mythology), I was quite pissed/amused to see that 'Electra' was indeed a 'real' name. And this was before I read Freud, so I didn't know about 'the electra complex' and what the fuck ever Freud, because Electra wasn't obsessed about her dead dad, she was upset her mother killed her dad and basically imprisoned her until her brother came back to kill his mother for her murder of Agammenon (and of course be tormented by the Furies until the gods finally said, 'okay, maybe that's just a tad too mean').

Damn but I love mythology.

The 'regala' part (which is an actual word apparently, and when you google my name you get a lot of spanish language hits, which amuses the hell out of me), was a play on the word 'gala' and 're' - pretty simple.

So I went to post on a board one day and said 'yeah, I like this name, so I'll use it.' Reg became my nickname because of my loverly online friends and due to the need for a shorter name in chatrooms, so Reg it was - far better that "RE." I hate RE.

Oh, and yeah, I hate Carmen Electra for using the name of a classical character and I seethe at any 'oh, so you named yourself after her, didya?' comments. I picked the name way before she become 'famous.'

My default userpic is somewhere by raelala because I like to use icons that mix well with my greyish colors on my lj. I often change around my default icons, but I'm using this one because Rae is damn amazing with her icons, and I love the darkness of it, with this little image of Alice lost in the maze, it's gorgeous.

I also am a huuuge Disney fan (or was, I cannot believe those asshats dumped Pixar and now make sequels to freakin' classics). I love children's tales, because in the end, they're very creepy and scary and completely twisted. So it shouldn't be a surprise that those elements found their way into my stories.
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