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(Tears out hair)

Out of the fire, into the even larger fire.

So, I've been busy all week with papers. And more papers, oh my.

And now, well, backstory: my parents are going on a trip to Alantic City.

My mom is now packing. My throat is sore from screaming at her. See, she needs my suitcases and she also asked for my hairdryer.

I said no prob. And...I can't find it. The box which I kept it in, is empty. I've just torn apart my room looking for it.

And the bitch is still teling me to look for it. I just destroyed my room, god dammit! It isn't fucking here. If it was, it would be obvious because I don't have a large room. In fact, I don't even have dressers in which to put things, so I have lots of lots of papers.

So I know, a giant fucking hair dryer must be stuck between two leafs of paper!

"Maybe you should look under your bed."

Brilliant mom you're such a big help. It's not like that was the first place I looked.

Fuck fuck fuck.

I hate being stressed out and I'm just so fucking pissed right now.
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