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on holiday meals

My wrist is still teh suck. I've been wearing an ace bandage to make up for the fact that I really can't hold anything heavy.

It's not broken, I know that much, I've broken my wrist when I was young and I still remember what that felt like. Fortunately it's my right hand (I'm a lefty), but I didn't realize how often I'd use my right to carry heavy things while my left hand was free.

It's a very, very sucktastic sprain. So never stand around enraged parents and doors. A simle lesson.

Today we went shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and man, we have an insane amount of food ready to be made. I'm making Mushroom Bisque, Glazed Root Vegtables, and string beans (probably some sort of garlicky sauce, a light one to go along with it), whilst I assist with any other dishes (such as candied yams, biscuits, and mashed potatoes) and finally aid my mom with the Stuffing.

I say 'the Stuffing' because it must be capitalized. The Stuffing consists of well...everything. Name a food item you are allergic to. Our Stuffing will kill you instantly. Chestnuts, sausage, walnuts, cranberries, clams, mushrooms, cider and so, so much more. It is a meal upon itself and the turkey is just the pretty center piece.

And heh, we didn't even get a pie. This is partly because my assy sister just 'needed' to have pie last week and brought home TWO pies. The problem? We're not real big pie eaters in my family. So it's been clogging up the fridge until I finally had to go around harassing everyone to finish off the damn pies. Dayyymn. Too much pie.

It's so strange to think how much food simply has to made during the holidays. I mean, after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, my family has to make pasteles. Beyond the reason that we need to have some in the freezer, because hello best dinner ever.

For my uncles are coming in from California to visit the family (my family, my grandma, my aunts, and little cousins) during Christmas. So it looks like another mass production of pasteles, and considering last time we made about 120, oh, it's going to be an all day mission.

And then Christmas Eve with seafood (and chorizo) paella, a tradition. And Christmas dinner over my grandmother's, with 'spanish' pork, beans (red beans, and black beans), platanos, some of our pasteles, and oh, so much damn food is gearing up in these two months.

Decision: Eat a lot of damn salads to make up for these eatin' days.
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