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Food TV's All Star Thanksgiving

Wrist: Not as bad as yesterday, not as good as it should be. Dammit.

I experimented today with a sort of hamburger salad (or attempted to clear out the fridge for upcoming Turkey Day leftovers). It was basically sirloin with chopped portabello mushrooms, onions, and garlic, flavored with cumin and chili powder (and paprika, cuz I loves it), served atop romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes (because my dad for some strange reason loves them but never actually USES them so I had to get rid of 'em), dill pickles, and then a quickly made honey mustard dressing, with garlic fries on the side, ooh and ketchup. So, not that bad and hey, emptying space. A time honored tradition. At least the Cuppy (youngest sister) finally ate something I made, although she did eat some of the penne ala vodka I made last night.

Sadly the second half of my experiment, another dish with zucchini and carrots, so did not gel with the salad thing, so that just became an evening half-hearted vegtable meal.

There are 21 people I shall be sending cards out to. Anyone else want to receive a card? Kindly respond at this friendly post made a while back or email me at regala_electra at yahoo dot com.

I caught the Food Network All Star Holiday Special. Alton Brown! So awesome. Snarking on Tyler's arrogance after a bazillion comments of "This is a dish based on my many trips to Florence," by saying, "This is based on my many trips to Georgia" when he displayed his awesome, amazing Honey-Smoked Turkey.

Paula as always is delightful, totally kooky, and Alton seems to like her, which makes her rise highly in my rating of the Food TV chefs. She's also adorable in the way she addresses the 'public' by throwing in so many y'alls. And I giggled when she commanded Alton to get the money shot (heh and eww - note she didn't actually say 'money shot' I'm just weird) on her stuffing.

And Alton totally hopped to and got a great shot of it.

I shall always be fond of her craziness after she displayed "Not Your Mama's Banana Pudding" which is an incredible desert, extremely rich and so bad for you, but great for a big family reunion-type party, and really went over well. And it was easy to make!

Giada has a freakish, freakish freakishly big head for such a small body. And er, those grean beans she made looked like some of them still had their ends on, after she explained how you have to take them off. Um, okay then. And I didn't see how she got her cheese crips to look like that after she left the unfinished ones on her baking dish and then put them on the table.

I can't hate Rachael Ray, even though if I was around her, I'd tire of her in like two mintues. Some of her recipes are damn good and she's just so cheerful about everything. Yes, she's extremely talky and giddy and is clearly made of 25% bubbly glee, but she's so damn earnest about it. And my dad adores her, which cracks me up.

She's just such a dork, you have to forgive her.

I'm totally trying out Sara's French apple tart. And my baking skills are seriously lacking, I can only make cookies and banana bread so far.

Emeril's stuff I won't try, but that's because cornbread makes me sick (TMI-ness) and I don't really care for cranberries. It looked great and the Red Roosters looked interesting, but I don't drink.

And apparently all the chefs? Big time alcoholics. Hee. Their eyes said 'hell yes' when Emeril cranked out the vodka.

Alton took a whole turkey breast, pointed it at Giada and demanded her to eat it. And Paula gave her cornbread saying, "The littlest one gets the biggest piece." Hee. I mean, I'd rather my chefs to be plump or clearly enjoying their food, but I know some people are indeed blessed and can look skinny, but damn, that woman looks even skinnier because of her ginormous head.

Besides the fear that is that Head, it was very pleasing and there are several recipes I may like to try out. (I've never made homemade mashed potatoes before, but Alton's sound and looked delicious.) And Alton Brown brought the snark and if there's snark, there's me with love.

So much.

But for almost every of the chef's recipes, I'd have downsized on the salt a lot, but then I don't like salt and use the smallest amounts possible, there's enough sodium in most food as it is. I may up for it with spices and garlic and pepper.

And then my mom tosses salt on her dish and it's all good.
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