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Paper was handed in. Another paper due tomorrow. 0 words so far.

Skipping my afternoon class, I really want to knock this paper out without resorting to pulling another all-nighter. Plus tomorrow I have to prep Thanksgiving dishes.

We have two pies. For five people. This is insane. I have politely informed the family that there is no way that will be eaten, as we only care for The Stuffing.

I also have to prep research papers over the weekend, for four of my classes: Spenser (not too bad, I'm expanding on a shorter paper), Art of the Near East (a little more annoying, we have to go to a musuem, do a formal analysis AND then research and cite at least 3 sources and hand in a paper WITH illustrations), Art of the Italian Renaissance (no idea what I'm doing yet), and History of Illustration (research paper on Thomas Nast and his cartoons, possibly post-civil war stuff and not focusing too much on Tamany Hall if I can help it).

And then one more paper for my World Literature class. And two final exams.

My ox is breaking.

ETA: OMG did Rummsfeld just compare the success of democracy in Latin America to what they're going to do in Iraq?

What with the corrupt governments, the CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS, and the violent, evil fucking governments the USA put into Latin American countries so they could ensure USA interests would be kept in America's favor, thereby fucking over those countries?

Please tell me I misheard him. Oh my god.

Flames...at the side of my face...flames...

Oh my god, he totally is suggesting that! OMG!

Can't breathe...rage...choking...fury...blackness...WTFeth?
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