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Thanksgiving 2004 and love is meme

Thanksgiving was a remarkably lovely affair.

And thank you to all who commented yesterday. K is doing really, really well.

Ah, the food. There was turkey, homemade mushroom gravy, The Stuffing, candied yams, glazed root vegetables, garlicky green beans in a sherry sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, mashed potatoes, mushroom bisque, parmesan cheese popovers, Pillsbury grand biscuits (The Cuppy floves them ever so), and pie, of which too much was made.

Because no one eats the fucking pie because everyone is stuffed.

I also went to Blockbusters to rent PoA and Elf. Dude, why the hell is the Gaz and David interview so short? What the fuck is up with that stupid shrunken head? Whyyyy did they cut stuff from the interview?

And why is David Thewlis so adorable? And why did Gary Oldman think that when David suggested he'd be like a woman, that he'd be an old woman working in the kitchen, apparently peeling potatoes? Why is Gary Oldman so adorable as well?

But *squee* - The Hug. Always the hug. The hoyay lines. The gayness of Professor Lupin. Even though my sisters watched the movie while I was cooking, I'd come into the living room to ramble during a Lupin scene, "He is so gay. Gay gay gay. He just needs a banner to jump through and shout TA-DA!*"

(*This being a brilliant Stephen Colbert bit on TDS wherein he suggested one way of voting was to run through the candidate’s name in a "TA-DA" motion. It has to be seen.)

I'm getting into a bit of a festive mood now. I've been musing about doing a 12 Days of Christmas ficathon, wherein I either write a sort of countdown of fics: 12 drabbles until FIVE! FIC! LETS! and then finally a longer fic at the end. Or something like that. Or '12 Days of Pairings/Porn.' Something like that.

Maybe ask people for requests at a later date.

Oh, and I feel like an icon overhaul, change-up some stuff.

Meanwhile, after suffering through papers piled up over one another, I have to write FIVE papers in early December and take two final exams and ugh. UGH.

I'll be glad when this semester is over and I hope I'll scrape by with a decent GPA.

But I'm honestly far more pleased that my sister is home today, that she is doing fine, and that even though everything is going to be really, really hectic in the next few weeks, today was at least a relatively peaceful day.

And with that, I bring you love. Please don't break my legs.

This first one is actually the first result I received, so it's the honest one.

new york city is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

New York City is the kind of love that tells you to get the fuck out of the way. Because we got places to go, youknowwhatImean? But we love you baby. Especially if you don't stop in front of us to take a picture of the empire state building, dammit, just get the postcard!

sirius/remus are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Yes, here I am OTPing, *squeeing* and saying "Hell yeahs." Ain't nothing hotter than two complicated people with one fucked up history and tragedy just waiting for them. If that ain't love, then just don't tell me what is love.

johnny depp is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Johnneh! I shall be seeing Finding Neverland on Saturday. Finally!

smut is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Smut is love indeed. A very Special Love. The sort of love that is a bit gratuitous, extreme, but oh so welcome.

greek history is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Greek history is gay love. Damn you Alexander and Troy, damn you. Bring me some well-muscled quasi-historical gay Greeks, athankyouverymuch.

gay marriage is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Here is my box of word. Have at it.
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