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The Stamp Poll

Guess where I am? Not home, that's where. All my stuff has been moved over to my grandparents' home, as in a couple of days, the upstairs of my house shall be nonexistent, while the dormer is being built.

I am DED tired though. OMG moving one's room suuuuucks.

I'm gearing up to do my holiday cards, the stamps have been purchased, they amuse me muchly and if anyone out there would like one, please click right here. Now. C'mon. Try it. It's fun.

And you can always e-mail me at regala_electra at yahoo dot com. If I got your addy through e-mail and haven't responded, please know it has been added to my list.

And to those who have answered and do desire a card from yours truly, I've created a pointless poll about the color of the figure on the stamp, so you get to choose it. Obviously, you're going to have to comment with your color as well, but I just want to see what everyone favors color-wise. (And if like, everyone picks one color, I'll burst into tears and have to give you the colors you hate because I only have so many and in equal amounts.)

And no, jennem and nariya, you don't get a vote. I know exactly what I'm sending you...*insert evol laughter*

Poll #392519 The Stamp Poll

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

purple (very purpley!)
it's a surprise! / let me pick for you
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