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Ficcly thoughts and vanishing tea leaves

It is strange to be in a house all alone. It is so quiet. Mind you, it's rather nice. The chaos has ebbed for the moment.

Fic ideas are rolling around in my head. A very delayed early MWPP story of Sirius and Remus, and their second kiss and all the madness that ensues, it's something I planned to write a couple of months back, but never quite got around to it.

ignited has sparked something in my mind, of Lupin in NYC, and an actual plot (involving werewolves and cures and set in a future of real possibility where Lupin simply is not happy), a real story, something deep and involving and dammit, much longer than I've written in a while.

In the meantime, I just wrote out an idea I've had about Muggles and Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Vanishing Tea Leaves
Summary: A day in the life of a Muggle of no particular importance.


Out of a desire or perhaps mere interest, and for no particular reason, the woman stood in front of the barrier between Platforms Nine and Ten before deciding to take a seat and watch it on that perfectly ordinary day, for no special motive save a peculiar curiosity.

After the tenth child vanished before her eyes and indeed did not go crashing into the very solid-looking structure, she decided she had gone quite mad and took a break, buying an absolutely wretched cup of coffee.

When she returned with a far more appealing cup of steaming tea, the eleventh child disappeared and she decided that one cannot be mad and appreciate the finer aspects of tea, despite what Alice in Wonderland may suggest on that matter.

And at the end of the day, when the last child (and no, she did not lose count) disappeared, a kindly old man sat beside her and said fondly, staring at the barrier, "Well Sally, I see you've come here again, same time, same place, eh?"

She looked at the man, but did not recognize him one bit. And she very calmly said, without thinking, without remembering, "Till next year then?"

He smiled roughly, as though his smile could shatter at any moment. "I hate doing this to you, but if I use a stronger Memory Charm, you won't be able to remember anything at all."

She nodded her head then as if she understood what he had said, when in actuality she did not. And yet she felt a sort of grim acceptance stir somewhere deep within.

It was strange to see the stranger wave a stick at her, but then, it was stranger to realize she had spend the entire day at the train station without actually knowing where she was going.

As she wandered through the station, she decided she was rather thirsty and when she found a rather smart cafe, she bought a coffee and wondered what exactly was a drink called 'tea.'

the end.

Now I almost want to write about the ordinary day of the Wizard.
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