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12 Days of Fic-Athon

So one day, I thought to myself, hmm, it would be nice to free up some old fics and post them all in a small amount of time.

And then I thought to myself, "Damn, I also feel really guilty for not being able to do NaNoWriMo."

Finally, I thought, "Hey, what about a '12 Days' sort of personal ficathon? I write an amount corresponding with the day, so on the 12th day, 12 drabbles/ficlets, etc. & etc. Hmmm. That may work."

So starting on December 14th, my wacky project shall begin. And it's going to be countdown, so 12 on the 14th until I finally reach the first day, with one fic (around 2000 words) posted on Christmas day (probably at midnight).

Here's where I ask my friendslist and anyone else who sees this post, a favor.

Make a request now.

My fandoms: BtVS/AtS, Farscape, Harry Potter, The O.C., and PotC

Name a character.

For BtVS/AtS, I write Buffy, Angel, Wesley, Faith, Lilah, Illyria, and Spike best of all, but I'm willing to try another character if asked. (I've got a strange hankering to write Nina.)

For Farscape, I can do John, Aeryn, Chiana, Pilot, Moya, Harvey, Scorpius, and Zhaan. And probably anyone else if requested.

For Harry Potter, I'm all about Remus and Sirius obviously. I could try my hand at any of the MWPP and Lily.

The O.C.: I usually write Seth or Ryan, but I'm a bit more flexible here.

PotC: Elizabeth, Jack, and possibly Will. Or an unimportant character in the movie. Or the ship. Heh.

But those aren't the only limits. I mean, if you want Lost, you can ask of it. You just have a line you'd like to see expanded, oh yes, do post it. A situation. Yep, I'll do it.

And in the meantime, I'm going to free a Buffy/Wesley fic, two Wes/Faith fics, maybe post some Buffy/Faith, and torment netweight with a little Angel/Buffy/Spike (as I still owe her a longish A/B/S fic which is so utterly blocked).

So yes. This is Reg's Mad December Project of 12 Days of Fic.

Come join the holiday spirit.

(And yes, the 12 Days of Christmas begin on the 26th, but yeah, work with me here. *g*)
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